Hybrid: Purifies and dehumidifies

Woods hybrid ad-serien AD-series

- A Hybrid Machine with Combined Dehumidifier and Air Purifier

Because moisture and dust are two of the most important factors that affect human well-being indoors, Wood’s has developed a new revolutionary type of hybrid machine. They are a combination of the popular MRD-model and our efficient air purification method. We’ve simply equipped the dehumidifier with our effective Active ION HEPA filter.

Purifies and dehumidifies for the best possible indoor air

The two models in the new AD-series have a dehumidification capacity, which correspond to the two largest models in the MRD series, and even a bit more. At the same time, they are efficient air purifiers with a purification level of 99.98%.

Thanks to the patented filter system with Active ION HEPA, the Wood’s AD-series gives efficient air purification without compromising on energy consumption or sound levels.

The AD-series is equipped with an air quality indicator, which measures the particle and humidity level. The machine operates only when needed, therefore saving as much as possible on energy consumption.

Another great advantage is that you can choose whether you want the machine to dehumidify or solely purify the air. There are five fan settings on the air purifier function, and when the AD is functioning as an air purifier it is extra quiet, as it only uses 5.5-44 W.

The hybrid machine also has the option of extra power for the drying of laundry as well as timer-controlled dehumidifying and air purifying. Large tank volume and hose connection.

AD models are covered by Wood's extended guarantee of up to 6 years. All you have to do is register your machine and replace the air filter once a year.

The Active ION HEPA filter in this hybrid machine catches 99.98% of dust, pollen and other potentially harmful particles in the air, that can cause allergies and discomfort.

Before air passes through the machine, it cleans it through the effective ACTIVE ION HEPA filter. The filter both cleans the air and protects the machine from dust.

AD20 AD30
Max. working area m² 100 120
Recom. working area m² 2-60 2-80
Air flow dehumidification 100-200 130-230
Air flow purification 45-300 42-310
Dehumid. at 20ºC & 70% RF l/d 10,6 14
Dehumid. at  35ºC & 80% RF l/d 20 25
Effect at 20ºC & 70% RF W/h 260 241
Effect at  30ºC & 80% RF W/h 310 290
Effect Air purification 5,5-44 5,5-44
Working interval temperature ºC +5 til +35 +5 til +35
Tank volume liter 4 4
Hose connection Yes Yes
Levels Dehumid. / Purifier 4 / 5 4 / 5
Purification degree 99,98% 99,98%
CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) m³/t 300 300
Sound level dB Approx. 48 Approx. 46
Air filter Pre-filter + Active
ION HEPA filter
Pre-filter + Active
ION HEPA filter
Cooling media, freon free R134A (150 g) R134A (134 g)
Security class IP21 IP21
Dimensions L x B x H mm 343x300x617 343x300x617
Weight kg 15 16
EAN nr. 7332857500062 7332857500079