Woods professionel  Professional

Designed for harsh environments

Wood’s also has a professional series of powerful dehumidifiers that are built to withstand harsh environments.
Wood’s professional range is used by laundries, construction companies or by homeowners with shared washing and drying rooms.

Woods professional


Dehumidifier with a very sturdy metal construction that can handle cold environments down to -2°c. The WP-200AP is a sorption dehumidifier That means it has a sorption wheel with a chemical that absorbs the moisture in the air. Equipped with a washable air filter.


Powerful dehumidifier with built-in heating element and efficient air filter. The WLD75 automatically pumps the water away and has a digital control panel for easy operation. The model has automatic operation and is built to hang on the wall.


Robust and energy efficient dehumidifier, produces more energy than it consumes like a heat pump. The dehumidifier comes with the new evironmetally friendly and energy efficient R290 gas. WCD Pro can work down to + 2ºC with the new intelligent defrost system i-EcoDefrost. Defrosts more energy efficiently and dehumidfies faster. WCD Pro can be stacked on top of each other and can easily be moved around with the folding handle.

Max. working area m² 180 - esp. for laundries
Rec. working area m² 10-140 - esp. for laundries
Air flow step 1 m³/h 220 1000
Air flow step 2 m³/h - -
Dehumidification 20ºC&70% RF l/d 9.6 38
Dehumidification 35ºC&80% RF l/d 22 75
Effect at 20ºC & 70% RF W/h 1300 (31,2 kWd) 700 (16,8 kWd)
Effect at 35ºC & 80% RF W/h 1500 (36 kWd) 950 (22,8 kWd)
Working interval temperature ºC -2 til +35 -
Tank volume liter Only hose Only hose
Fan speed 1 -
Dimensions L x B x H mm 300x678x440 710x660x355
Weight kg 30 52
Sound level dB app. 51 app. 52
Cooling media, freon free R410A R410A
Security class IPX2 IP21 (X1)
EAN no. 7332857000630 7332857500123
Woods professionel WCD2-Pro WCD3-Pro WCD4-Pro
Max. working area m² 140 190 230
Rec. working area m² 10-84 115 129
Air flow step 1 m³/h 190 197 129
Air flow step 2 m³/h 336 336 296
Dehumidification 20ºC&70% RF l/d 11 12 25
Dehumidification 35ºC&80% RF l/d 19 25,5 41
Effect at 20ºC & 70% RF W/h 320 (7,7 kWd) 420 (10,1 kWd) 500 (12,0 kWd)
Effect at 30ºC & 80% RF W/h 425 (10,2 kWh) 550 (13,2 kWd) 690 (16,6 kWd)
Working interval temperature ºC +2 til +35 +2 til +35 +2 til +35
Tank volume liter 11,4 11,4 11,4
Fan speed 2 2 2
Dimensions L x B x H mm 595x464x508 595x464x508 595x464x508
Weight kg 25 27 27
Sound level dB ca. 37-56 ca. 37-56 ca. 37-56
Cooling media, freon free R290 R290 R290
Security class IPX1 IPX1 IPX1
EAN no. 7332587500642 7332857500659 7332857500666