Woods WDD series  WDD80 - Sorption Dehumidifier


The little one that can accomplish something special.

Here we are talking about an effective dehumidifier, which can operate down to 0 °C. WDD80 is recommended for cold spaces: basements, garages, caravans, boats, etc.. In addition, the noise level is low. 

WDD80 is a new generation of sorption dehumidifiers, and one of the best of its kind. Because of the sorption technology the compact dehumidifier can function in temperatures down to 0 °C. In comparison with a condensation dehumidifier WDD80 has no cooling surface, and is therefore not dependent on the air temperature. The sorption technology differs from a conventional condensation dehumidifier, by having a single drying apparatus for drying the air, and in practice works as a drying cabinet. It is equally effective in all temperatures, within its work area (see the table at the bottom of the page).

WDD80 is perfect for small cold rooms up to 60 m2 . For example to basements, cottage, caravans, garages, boats etc.. The WDD80 blows hot air, which can be used to dry the clothes gently while it is for drying. The dehumidifier is fairly quiet. You only hear the sound from the circulating air in the machine.

WDD80 is equipped with an internal water container that can handle up to 2 liters. When the water container is full the dehumidifier stops. It is also possible to connect the supplied water hose to the nearest drain, so you won't have to think about whether the dehumidifier has stopped. Further more the WDD80 is equipped with an effective ionization filter that improves the indoor climate.

Ionization function: With a single tap on the dehumidifier's intuitive control panel, you can enable the ionization function, which effectively cleans the air from harmful particles and bad air.


Woods affugtere tdr-serien WDD80
Max. workspace m² 60
Recommended working area m² 2-40
Air flow step 1 m³/h 85
Air flow step 2 m³/h 100
Air flow step 3 m³/h 120
Dehumidifying at 20 º C & 70% RH liters/day 8
Power at 20 ° C & 70% RH W/t 650
Working range temperature ° C 0 til +37
Tank volume liter 2
Fan speed 3
Dimensions L x W x H mm 351x180x500
Weight kg 6,5
Sound level dB ca. 36-49
EAN no. 7332857000791