Wood's dehumidifier for large areas dehumidifier for large areas: ED50F, DS40FS, DSC-70ES & DSC-90ES

Dehumidifiers for the home, created for something special. Common to them all is that they are created for large areas, such as for example cellars, garages, workshops, pool rooms or holiday cottages.

Wood’s DSC series

The Wood’s DSC series has an incredible capacity with an automatic pump for the draining of water. It is perfect when there is no drain in the vicinity.

When there is no possibility of directing water to a drain, the DSC series is the right choice. The dehumidifier is equipped with an automatic water pump. At the same time the supplied 3 metre air hose can be connected to the exhaust of the dehumidifier so that the direction of the warm air circulation can be controlled or it can be directed to an adjacent room.

In addition, the DSC-90ES allows network connection with a network cable, so you can remotely control the dehumidifier with the included remote control.

Wood’s DS40FS

Wood’s DS40FS has a working temperature all the way down to +1°c, and an attractive stainless steel cabinet.

This model is designed both to look good and to work in cooler areas. DS40FS has a working temperature down to +1°c. Together with an exceptionally high capacity, this makes it particularly suitable for drying large quantities of laundry, while at the same keeping the area moisture and mould free.

Wood’s ED50F

Wood’s ED50F is according to the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, the most energy efficient dehumidifier ever tested.

This dehumidifier is particularly useful for keeping areas moisture and mould free where the temperature will not go below +10°c.

Woods affugtere til store områder DSC-70ES DSC-90ES DS40FS ED50F
Max. working area m² 280 200 235 230
Rec. working area m² 10-190 10-190 10-120 10-125
Air flow step 1 m³/h 450 530 max. 345 129
Air flow step 2 m³/h - - - 296
Dehumidification at 20ºC & 70% RF l/d 26 71 24 21
Dehumidification at 35ºC & 80% RF l/d 75 95 40 33
Effect at 20ºC & 70% RF W/h - - 540 390
Effect at 35ºC & 80% RF W/h max. 830 max. 1550 700 543
Working interval temperature ºC +1 til +35 +1 til +35 +1 til +35  +10 til +35
Tank volume liter Only hose Only hose 5,6 10,4
Hose dimension 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm 3/4"
Fan speed 1 1 1 2
Dimensions L x B x H mm 620x410x480 630x350x400 310x400x540 343x406x527
Weight kg 35,5 36 21 28
Sound level dB app.38-58 app.38-58 app. 49 app. 38-58
Cooling media, freon free R410A (430 g) R410A (710 g) R410A (380 g) R410A (326 g)
Security class IP22 (X2) IP22 (X2) IP21 (X1) IP21 (X1)
EAN no. 7332857000807 7332857500215 7332857000173 650737448301