Woods affugtere ds-serien  DS-series

The workhorse for cellar needs

Wood’s DS is a series of robust all-around dehumidifiers that are designed to keep big and small cellars free of moisture and mould. At the same time, they are brilliant for drying large quantities of laundry.

The DS series has a good dehumidification capacity from +5°c with up to 13.2 litres (at 20°c and a RH of 70%) depending on the model. At the same time it has an efficient heat pump output, which gives a high energy efficiency.

All DS models have a hose connection for direct discharge to a drain, but also a spacious water tank of 10.4 litres. When the water tank is full, the machine switches off automatically.

The DS is, like all other Wood’s models, fitted with wheels, which makes it easy to move as needed.

Get 6 years total warranty

you can read more about on page 16.

In the development of the DS series, there has been particular focus on achieving an extra long lifespan. All parts are carefully selected for their purpose and digital elements are therefore consciously dispensed with. The dehumidifier is purely mechanical, which gives a very high level of reliability. The customer can be sure that a DS dehumidifier will keep the basement dry and mould free for year after year.

Before the air passes through the dehumidifier, it is purified through an effective SMF air filter, which is located at the back of the dehumidifier.

This is a unique anti-mould filter that intercepts harmful mould spores, dust and other particles in the air. The filter also protects the dehumidifier amongst things from dust, which means Wood’s can give an extended comprehensive warranty of up to 6 years on this dehumidifier model!

All the customer has to do is to register their dehumidifier and replace the air filter once a year. Where and how, read more here.

A condensing dehumidifier is the most energy-efficient way to get rid of excess moisture. Keep the relative humidity (RH) between 50-60% in order to avoid the effects of moisture.

Read more about moisture here.

On the back of the dehumidifier is an efficient SMF air filter, which must be replaced at least once a year in order to obtain the extended warranty of 6 years. . Read more about how to obtain the extended warranty here.

Woods affugtere ds-serien DS15F DS28F DS36F
Max. working area m² 100 140 190
Rec. working area m² 10-50 10-90 10-95
Air flow step 1 m³/h 256 190 197
Air flow step 2 m³/h 520 336 336
Dehumidification at 20ºC & 70% RF l/d 6,7 10,4 13,2
Dehumidification at 35ºC & 80% RF l/d 12 17,5 20,8
Effect at 20ºC & 70% RF W/h 180 270 290
Effect at 35ºC & 80% RF W/h 240 460 510
Working interval temperature ºC +5 til +35 +5 til +35 +5 til +35  
Tank volume liter 10,4 10,4 10,4
Hose dimension 3/4" 3/4" 3/4"
Fan speed 2 2 2
Dimensions L x B x H mm 343x406x527 343x406x527 343x406x527
Weight kg 22 24 26
Sound level dB app. 38-58 app. 38-58 app. 38-58
Cooling media, freon free R134A (134 g) R134A (188 g) R134A (260 g)
Security class IP21 (X1) IP21 (X1) IP21 (X1) 
EAN no. 650737086435 0650737086428 0650737448295