Customer support

Customer Support

Warranty and service

Wood's gives a consumer warranty for minimum 2 years against manufacturing defects on all models. Warranty claims must be presented with a valid purchase receipt.

The warranty does not apply to professional use of the product.

Extended warranty for 3, 6 and 10 years respectively.

Some products are covered by Wood's extended warranty program, thus extending the warranty on the product.

A 3 year extended warranty is available for MD, MRD and WPF models and AC machines.

A 6 year extended warranty is available for DK, DS, ED and TDR models and the hybrid AD range.

A 10 year extended warranty is available on all TALL and AL air purifiers.

What is required to achieve extended warranty?

In order to obtain the warranty, your dehumidifier or air purifier must be registered on Wood's website within the first year after the purchase, and where appropriate, filters must be regularly replaced. SMF filters should be replaced at least once a year. You need to make sure to save all receipts for the filters, as they must be shown upon if necessary warranty complaints.

The extended warranty is available for all dehumidifier models in DK, DS, ED, MD, MRD and TDR ranges. For all TALL and AL air purifiers, AD hybrid and AC machines.

The serial number must always be provided by warranty complaints. The number is on a small silver-coloured label. The label on newer models is located by the wiring connection. Behind the water tank on older models.