Air purifiers

Woods luftrensere  Air purifiers

The air indoors is often much worse than outside. This is partly due to air pollution from the outside entering into our sealed houses and apartments. In addition, particles from for example chemicals, clothing, pets, cooking and dust.

Bad air makes us sick 

A high content of particulates in the air can lead to more serious diseases. In addition to asthma and allergies, bad air can lead to cancer, blood clots and heart disease. According to the World Health Organisation air pollution is considered to be the cause of the untimely death of over 7 million people every year.

Wood’s air purifiers remove dangerous particles from the air

By using an air purifier you remove the harmful particles. Instead of being inhaled, the particles are caught in the air purifier’s filter. Breathing clean air has many health benefits and makes you feel fresher and more rested.

Four times lower energy consumption than an energy saving light bulb

An air purifier from Wood’s can be used 24 hours a day, all year, and yet not consume more than 26 kWh in an entire year. It is four times less than a low energy light bulb in the same period.

Produced in Sweden

Clean air must not be created at the expense of tomorrow’s air quality. That is why Wood’s air purifiers are manufactured from durable materials and have the lowest possible energy consumption. The air purifiers are designed, developed and produced in Sweden - from the metal cabinet and filter to the final assembly. It creates less transport and is good for our environment. All over the world Swedish products are known for their quality and durability.

How a Wood’s air purifier works

The air is circulated in the room and pulled through the air cleaner with a quiet and energy efficient fan.

Wood’s air purifiers use ionisation to attract and catch air particles. The particles are ionised in the air purifier and get a slight positive charge, which makes them stick together. This makes them bigger and easier to catch.

The Active ION HEPA filter is ionised during the production. The filter attracts and captures the now charged air particles.

Wood’s Active ION HEPA Filter

Thanks to the patented technology, the Active ION HEPA filter is lighter than the traditional HEPA filters and still achieves and even exceeds, the same level of purification.

An Active ION HEPA filter is constructed from many layers of channelled filter material. It provides a very large total filter surface and an exceptional filtration capacity. The advantage with a lighter filter is that you can use more silent and energy efficient fans.
There is also no risk of air passing unfiltered (no leakage of particles).