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Mobile air coolers are cheap to operate

An air cooler can often be sufficient on a summer day, even though it is not as effective as air conditioning. And it is quite a bit cheaper to operate.

For comparison a mobile air conditioning unit with an air flow of about 500 m3 per hour uses approx. 1,500 W, whereas an air cooler with same airflow, only needs 100 w. This will be clear when looking at your electricity bill when the summer is over.

A mobile air cooler from Honeywell is also an air humidifier.

In addition to the fact that air coolers use less energy and have a lower purchase price, they are environmentally friendly, because they do not use gas for cooling.

Air coolers have the following advantages:

  • Lower purchase price
  • Environmentally friendly (no gas) and low energy consumption
  • Maximum mobility and no fixed installations
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Cooling of open spaces

Cooling of open spaces

Sometimes it is not always possible or appropriate to close a room off completely, for example in open home environments and shared office spaces. Here the air cooler has an added advantage, because you don’t have to keep all the doors and windows closed in order to lower the temperature. The air cooler utilises the heat in the air and works optimally with open doors or windows.

Because an air cooler, constantly replaces and circulates the air, the temperature in a room is lowered by 3-4 degrees, relative to the surrounding air temperature.

Honeywell luftkølere

Honeywell CS10XE

The stunning and futuristic mobile CS10XE air cooler provides a pleasant atmosphere in all indoor spaces, such as the small bedroom, office, child’s playroom or in the dining area.

The angled LED control panel can be seen from a distance, while the remote control gives control, no matter where you are. The water tank is detachable for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Equipped with an off timer, low-water alarm, Honeycomb cooling media and a carbon filter.

Honeywell CL30XC

Modern design and excellent performance makes this air cooler one of the most popular in the world. It is packed with easy-to-use features, and has an extra large Honeycomb cooling media, powerful motor and large ice space. The carbon filter ensures clean cool air right where you need it.

Equipped with a user-friendly touch-control panel and angled LCD display that makes operation simple. Removable water tank, low-water alarm, remote control, and the option of setting the desired relative humidity (RH).

Honeywell CO60PM

This air cooler is the perfect choice to keep large indoor and semi-outdoor environments comfortably cool and ventilated. The model provides Honeywell’s highest airflow, an entire 2,610 m3 per hour. A 40 cm large fan blade with triple Honeycomb cooling media for optimum performance.

A water tank of 60 litres with built-in overflow protection and the ability to connect the air cooler to a permanent water supply, makes this model suitable for the terrace and for more demanding and commercial applications.

Recom. working area m² 16 30 80
Air filter Washable Washable Washable
Fan speeds 4 4 3
Effect W 100 252 220
Tank volume L 10 30 60
Air flow m³/t 510 900 2610
Sound level dB 49 / 53 / 57 ca. 55 -
Net weight kg 8 11 17
Dimensions L x B x H mm 344x400x800 458x352x856 566x1017x700
EAN no. 4895007991835 4895007991828 4895007930162